Workiro Secures Partnership with Sky High ERP


According to Go Remotely, around 83% of workers use technology to collaborate.  

We’re therefore super excited to announce a brand-new partnership with Sky High ERP, as more businesses can now forge their ‘single source of truth’, which streamlines, consolidates, and secures everything they use to work with others inside NetSuite.  

Our shared vision to make life easier, faster, and simpler through Workiro’s intuitive NetSuite integration, has fostered an exciting collaboration which aims to enrich businesses, with unrivalled expertise and dynamic innovation driving their efforts.  

Combining Sky High ERP’s growing NetSuite consultancy, which includes training, implementation, support, and customisation, alongside Workiro’s rapidly evolving software, more businesses can extend the power of NetSuite with unlimited document storage, electronic signatures, and file sharing across multiple users, striking greater clarity, visibility, and control.  

About Sky High ERP

Sky High ERP is an Oracle NetSuite Alliance Partner, based in Montreal, Canada. Their dynamic team of consultants are passionate about delivering elegant solutions with measurable impact, helping companies optimize key processes while enhancing employee happiness and fulfilment along the way.  

About Workiro

Workiro is a next-gen app which combines file sharing, document management, electronic signatures, and communication inside your NetSuite software. By adding further consolidation to people’s workflow, just one integration can remove the headache of chasing emails, seeking files, and getting deals signed on time.  

Workiro Channels & Partners VP, Jason Ross

“This unique partnership alongside Sky High ERP presents an exciting opportunity to expand Workiro’s reach into the North American market.  

By leveraging their growing catalogue of transformative services, we believe the perfect synergy will be created between intuitive software, and progressive NetSuite consultants, which not only complements what they offer, but truly empowers this.”

Sky High ERP Co-Founder, Laura Juneau

“Sky High ERP is thrilled to embark on this new partnership with Workiro. We believe that our clients will greatly benefit from the seamless integration and efficiency advantages that Workiro can provide.”

Partner With Us

For more information about this exciting new partnership, or further details about how your NetSuite consultancy can collaborate with Workiro, please do not hesitate to get in contact today.

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