Workiro Partners with NetSuite Project Consultants, ProScope


Team Workiro
June 8, 2023

We’re thrilled to partner with ProScope, who provide a ready-made solution for project driven service companies.

About ProScope

ProScope provides enhanced functionality for companies facing complex project management challenges. The solution offers increased control and greater visibility on costs and profitability from the strategic portfolio level down to the details of every project activity. ProScope for NetSuite ultimately drives better decision-making on individual projects and investments, making for a more profitable portfolio.

About Workiro

Workiro is a next-gen SuiteApp which combines file sharing, document management, electronic signatures, and communication inside your NetSuite system. By adding further consolidation to people’s workflow, just one integration can remove the headache of chasing emails, seeking files, and getting deals signed on time.

Jason Ross, Head of Channels and Partnerships at Workiro, comments:

“We have chosen to partner with ProScope to utilise their experience in the construction, oil & gas, field service industries to help sculpt our product roadmap. There are many processes that Workiro can complement such as drawing markups and proofing. ProScope has provided vital feedback on the issues that project centric businesses face and given insight into how together Workiro and ProScope can assist in delivering a solution to solve those challenges. Stay tuned for lots of new features in collaboration with ProScope, we’re super excited!”

Dean Gardner, Managing Director at ProScope, comments:

“We’re delighted about our recent partnership with Workiro. Servicing over 1,200 users globally, we pride ourselves in helping our customers enhance NetSuite’s core functionality for complex project management activities. Given that so much of project management revolves around document sharing, collaboration and contracts, both our product and theirs align perfectly to really simplify and streamline work for NetSuite users.

As a business, we're already using the tool and it's been a game changer for us. The team can't wait to build on our initial momentum and start sharing it with more of our clients.”

Interested in becoming a Partner?

If you would like to collaborate with Workiro, or simply have a chat, please get in touch today.

Team Workiro
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