Workiro Secures Partnership with MacroFin


We’re delighted to announce the partnership of Workiro with NetSuite implementation and project experts, MacroFin.

About MacroFin

Headquartered in London, MacroFin is built with accountancy expertise at the heart of the business. They understand first-hand the challenges of inaccurate data and the knock-on effect this has for business systems, processes and scalability.

About Workiro

Fully integrated with NetSuite, Workiro creates a central repository for teams to collaborate on tasks, emails, e-signatures, approvals and documents. Remove information silos caused by multiple tools external to your NetSuite set-up and make work visible to the right people, all from within NetSuite.

Jason Ross, Head of Channels and Partnerships, comments:

“We’re thrilled to have partnered with MacroFin in the NetSuite implementation and project space. We have interchangeable values; our services and products at the core are built to eradicate manual and duplicated processes that leave teams deflated and businesses stuck in the mud. We both know what ‘good’ looks like and are committed to help users get the best out of their NetSuite system, be that from a finance or document management perspective.

MacroFin have also implemented Workiro for internal use which will provide key product feedback and changes over the coming months and years. The partnership is a testament to Workiro’s strategy and focus to work with the best, continually push our understanding of customer fit and never stop progressing our exciting approach to Enterprise Content Management.”

Ross Latta, Co-Founder and CEO of MacroFin, comments:

“We are delighted to embark on this exciting collaboration with Workiro. We have implemented NetSuite for over 100 of the country’s fastest growing businesses to drive transformational change with successful, finance-led ERP implementations at the core. We’re excited for how Workiro can complement future projects.

As a fast-growing, dynamic, cloud-based software solution themselves, Workiro are also our ideal customer, so they understand what our customers need and want. Both businesses share a mutual understanding and mission, which for me is key in a successful partnership.”

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