Collaborate and discuss work

Netsuite live chat

• Real-time chat integrated into NetSuite  
• Eliminate the need for third-party communication
• Store relevant conversations directly to NetSuite records  
• Send private messages to your team from within NetSuite

Collaborate with anyone

How it works

Communicate directly with vendors, partners and customers on NetSuite records or privately. Easily share and discuss documents and contracts with a clear audit trail of all communication.

✓ Real-time messaging

✓ Read receipts

✓ Templates

✓ Custom branding

✓ Intelligent notifications

✓ Smart classification

✓ Audit history

✓ Legal retraction

✓ External use

✓ Team visibility

✓ Quick replies

✓ Security and encryption

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Phillip, Events

"Workiro helps us track and manage our communication with clients"

The thread
A better way to communicate
Workiro is based around threads that have clear titles, objectives, assignment, attachments, status, participants, and conversation.

A single interactive source of truth, with all the history, in one place. All accessible from within NetSuite.
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Communicate on or off NetSuite Records

Whether you need to store a customer interaction or quickly ping a member of your team, Workiro allows you to do both, natively from NetSuite or from the Workiro app.

On record

Conversations can be recorded, controlled and accessible straight from corresponding NetSuite records, as well as in the Workiro app. Read notifications ensure everyone has visibility of what has been seen, whilst the pause function enables expectations to be managed.

Off record

Private conversations can be made within your NetSuite dashboard by creating a thread and selecting the relevant parties. Meaning even internal discussions can all be stored within your central NetSuite system. You can also start a thread from the Workiro mobile app, for conversations on the go.

One central place for work
Clear Audit Trails
Workiro’s instant chat functionality removes conversations from Slack, Teams, and email - bringing them all together and visible within NetSuite records, along with key documents and timelines for any compliance or auditing.
Collaborate more quickly
Never Miss a Thing
with Auto Reminders
Workiro chat helps you manage all your customer and vendor conversations in one place with automatic reminders to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. Life’s busy – if you’ve missed something, Workiro will notify you.
Work with anyone
Easy Access for
the Whole Team
As Workiro is a hybrid SuiteApp, our chat functionality can be used directly from NetSuite or from the Workiro App. This means both NetSuite and non-NetSuite users have a central place to discuss work rather than resorting to multiple messaging platforms, as well as storing a relevant trail in NetSuite.
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Why use Workiro?
Streamline processes and improve relationships
Workiro brings together all elements of your business communication, to give you a central place for all the moving components within the organisation. Instant chat is just one part of the process, Workiro also handles your document management, approvals, contracts, electronic signature, Outlook integration and much more.
Do more in NetSuite
Much more than messaging
Documents icon


Send and request documents within NetSuite and use Workiro threads to collaborate or discuss the work in progress.

Task icon

Shared Tasks

Assign clear tasks and communicate with anyone involved from your NetSuite dashboard.

E-Signature icon


Effortlessly stay on top of signature tasks from your NetSuite dashboard, and easily query or discuss the progress.

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Awarded SuiteCloud International Partner of the Year 2022

Discover the power of Workiro

The Workiro SuiteApp is more than an instant messaging solution for NetSuite. We help to facilitate the every day processes, tasks and communications of NetSuite users by removing the silos of information and providing one source of truth, allowing you and your team to focus on more meaningful work.

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