Project management in NetSuite

NetSuite Projects Integration

• Bring stakeholders into your project
• Visibility of all project tasks & documents for the whole team
• Assign clear responsibility for tasks within a project
• Communicate and share information in real-time with anyone

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NetSuite project management

How it works

Workiro integrates directly into NetSuite Projects to bring the benefits of unlimited file sharing, signature requests, task management and communication to your NetSuite environment. So, whether you're looking to process signed timesheets, or just need a better way for your team to share project information, you can get more done without the need for multiple project management tools - ensuring nothing gets missed.

✓ Work with anyone

✓ Simple project file navigation

✓ Store against NetSuite records

✓ Project requests and approvals

✓ Unlimited signatures

✓ Real-time chat and archive

✓ Version control

✓ Visibility for whole team

✓ Secure

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Collaborate with ease
Work with anyone
Make NetSuite project management accessible for all. Work with team mates, customers, vendors or third parties to get project work done in a way that's easy to track and manage - whether they're a NetSuite user or not.
See things clearly
Gain complete visibility of a project
Enable the entire team to quickly and easily view and discuss all tasks and documents within a NetSuite project, whether they’re a NetSuite user or not. With smart-tagging to make information easy to find, and full visibility of any complete, ongoing and scheduled tasks - the Workiro SuiteApp is a practical tool to get things done efficiently whilst automatically keeping everything within NetSuite.
Let nothing slip through the cracks
Clear accountability for every stakeholder
Assign responsibility to any stakeholder involved in a NetSuite project, to ensure everyone knows what is expected of them - with no opportunity for tasks to slip through the net or get lost in other systems. Easily set tasks or request approvals, signatures and documents from anyone and rest assured that everything is tracked and recorded.
Resolve issues fast
Communicate with stakeholders in real-time
Eliminate the need for email with real-time chat - safe in the knowledge that all conversations are recorded, controlled and accessible via the corresponding NetSuite records, as well as in the Workiro app. Read notifications ensure everyone has visibility of what has and hasn't been seen, whilst the pause function enables expectations to be managed. And with auto-reminders and 'dusty' notifications, you can say goodbye to chasing.
It's time to supercharge NetSuite Projects
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Awarded SuiteCloud International Partner of the Year 2022

Discover the power of Workiro

The Workiro SuiteApp goes beyond NetSuite project management. Our goal is to facilitate the every day processes, tasks and communications of NetSuite users by removing the silos of information and providing one source of truth, allowing you and your team to focus on more meaningful work.

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