9 Ways Enterprise Content Management Can Supercharge Finance

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Are you constantly searching through various systems for sales invoices, cash flow statements, and employee expense reports?

Or spending too much time sorting through numerous emails from both internal and external sources?

This might be hindering your ability to make quick and accurate financial decisions for your business!

Finance professionals play a crucial role in the stability and future growth of an organisation, so it's high time to delegate these tedious administrative tasks to technology.

Discover how Workiro’s cloud-based enterprise content management system can significantly enhance your approach to finance work.

#1 Simplify, consolidate, conquer

With cloud task management software included, key processes pertaining to cash flow, budgeting, and yearly reporting are consolidated into a centralised overview, giving all relevant stakeholders instant access and visibility into their specific duties.

This also makes it much easier to stay on top of critical deadlines, with automatic reminders provided to ensure you stay focused on what really matters, especially beneficial during an audit, where completing relevant tasks on-time is critical to ensuring these potentially lengthy checks are ticked off swiftly.

#2 Edit contracts like a pro

Using integrated, easy PDF markup, finance professionals can review and edit business contracts directly within the same app where they are stored, eliminating the hassle of switching between applications.  

Whether it's simple red-lining or creating detailed notes, all the tools needed for accurate revisions are neatly packaged in a single, intuitive editing suite.  

Now, fellow collaborators, like the sales team, will find the process straightforward and not bogged down by administrative tasks or chasing for clarification.  

#3 No more content duplication

Workiro offers enhanced content control through integration with Office 365 for the web, allowing for smooth co-editing of Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents.

Real-time collaboration ensures immediate access and visibility of revisions for everyone involved, and changes are attributed to specific users, ensuring a high level of accountability for all actions taken.

By utilising a single repository for storing, tracking, and editing finance documents, Workiro prevents duplication and ensures that everyone works with the most up-to-date version, guaranteeing that important changes are not overlooked.

#4 Seal the deal, seal your growth

As your business expands, the number of customers and the volume of signed documents that need to be generated start to rise rapidly.

Being able to add e signature functionality on a document, without relying on disconnected apps, you can log all activities in one place, making it more straightforward to track who sent what and when.

And involving all stakeholders in the same system, means everyone gains immediate visibility, eliminating the need to constantly follow up with others for updates.

#5 From inbox to insight

Emails remain a crucial means of communication with customers, however, their limited accessibility poses challenges for stakeholders trying to access the exchanged content between customers and your team.

With an automatic email manager in your productivity system, all communication is captured, stored with customer records, and instantly visible to everyone, so people know when invoices are paid without asking you, making it faster to start subsequent tasks.

Centralising email content also provides context for fellow finance team members when handling customer concerns in your absence, ensuring smoother interactions even when you're away.

#6 Finance in the cloud

Remote collaboration thrives with our enterprise cloud document storage, ensuring instant access to crucial content for finance team members, regardless of location or device.  

Such accessibility proves vital during urgent customer disputes, requiring input from various finance members for swift resolution.

And think about the sales team—they've always been on the move, meeting potential clients outside the office, even before remote work became widespread.

When last-minute changes are necessary for a sales pitch to align with new financial parameters, this updated content should be instantly accessible while on the go.

#7 Unified communication

Opting for one piece of enterprise instant messaging software, rather than juggling multiple platforms like Microsoft Teams or Slack, ensures that all communication, both internal and external, is securely stored in one location.

For internal discussions, especially those related to expense approvals, having a unified platform simplifies tracking - this makes it straightforward to trace who approved what and when.

And regarding external communication, rather than sifting through various apps to find information, having everything in one place makes it easy to quickly address pressing customer issues without unnecessary hassle.

#8 Easy, confidential collaboration

Financial content such as reports or statements are strictly confidential yet require a certain level of collaboration to ensure processes are completed.  

Safeguarding your content with cloud user access management software, which offers configurable permissions beyond just folders, ensures the right people have access to the right content, and at the right time only.

If an external lawyer needs to review a specific invoice for legal verification, they can be promptly granted access.  

This enables seamless communication between both parties regarding the content of the invoice - once the necessary checks are completed, access can be easily revoked.

#9 Integrated finance hub

Bring all your finance software into one place.

With our integration with NetSuite, finance professionals can share ERP data with external parties while keeping it as the main source of truth.  

Easily manage Microsoft tasks too, with automatic Outlook integration for quick access to client communications.  

And use Office 365 for the web to collaboratively edit invoices, spreadsheets, and contracts, ensuring clear accountability for changes.

Take your finance game to the next level

Our solution is a comprehensive package designed for finance professionals, offering a truly integrated working environment that fosters quicker financial decision-making and enhances overall management.

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