Your Email Chaos Outside of NetSuite Ends Here!

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Do you want to stop wasting your time hunting down emails scattered across inboxes?

You need away to automatically store all team, customer, and vendor emails in NetSuite to speed up key processes and make critical decisions faster.

Download our free eBook to start your journey to easier and more secure email management in the world's #1 Cloud ERP system.

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Why you should grab a copy!

·       It’s completely free.

·       Takes less than 5 mins to read.

·       Perfect for NetSuite users.

·       Discover the key to complete email visibility.

·       Explore tons of proven email strategies.

Here’s what included...

·       4 critical reasons automatic email capture for NetSuite is a business essential.

·       5 teams at your business that will skyrocket with this integration.

·       The full extent of Workiro’s powerful NetSuite features that stretch beyond automatic email capture.


"It has the best integration, the automatic email filing was a massive time saver,
and the powerful searching was clearly the most easy to use for staff." 


CrystalHarris, Administrative Services Manager