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PDF Markup Tool for NetSuite

• Collaborate on PDFs inside NetSuite    
• Make the approval process faster and easier  
• Provide unlimited feedback with a suite of tools    
• Instantly see who made changes and when  

Work faster with intuitive PDF markups
How it Works
Keep important contracts, agreements, and proposals inside NetSuite, and instantly collaborate on their content to ensure only compliant, on-brand PDFs are sent out. Maintain logical trails, documenting every change and by who for greater clarity and visibility throughout the entire process.
No more emails
Secure PDF storage
Stop sending PDF’s back and forth over email - keep them secure  
inside NetSuite for extra working harmony.
Single source of truth
Accelerated Document Approval
Consolidate PDFs into segmented tasks and invite people from both inside and outside NetSuite to instantly collaborate. Start moving key processes along much faster, now that everyone knows exactly where to look.
Suite of editing tools
Offer Transparent, Responsive Feedback
Take full advantage of a brimming editing suite, and choose appropriate tools for the nature of feedback being supplied. Use PDF red-lining to cross entire sentences, and place notes alongside problematic areas, with clear messages conveying your thoughts – version control enables further command during complex revisions.
Smart navigation
Follow a Clear Trail of Action
See which team member made suggestions and when through a single navigation bar, collating everything from start to finish for a coherent, harmonised sequence. Click each note or search keywords to instantly arrive on a particular page, allowing you to swiftly engage with specific content, without endless scrolling.
Electronic signatures for NetSuite
Get Your PDF Signed Securely
Once contracts have been approved, send them directly from your NetSuite module for signing, using a legally compliant function, part of the Workiro package at no extra cost. Your brand also remains left, right, and centre, offering a truly powerful way to connect with customers.  
A signature task being signed within the Workiro mobile app.
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Awarded SuiteCloud International Partner of the Year 2022

Discover the power of Workiro

The Workiro SuiteApp helps to facilitate the every day processes, tasks and communications of NetSuite users by removing the silos of information and providing one source of truth, allowing you and your team to focus on more meaningful work.

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