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Celigo NetSuite Integration

Celigo automatically sends NetSuite Relationship and Transaction records to Workiro so that you can work with them.

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GetBusy + NetSuite

Like File Cabinet, but supercharged.

Work with documents, get any work done, and communicate your work in a way that truly matters.

The challenge

Important business transactions such as Purchase Orders, Sales Orders and Invoices are often locked away in an ERP system, resulting in file requests all over the place.

Rendering transactions to PDF and storing them in a central system for everyone to access is a time consuming task. Even then, the hassle of trying to find them, in a horrible folder structure, to email them, and further record the email is a never-ending journey of pain!

The solution

Imagine for a moment that your transaction records in NetSuite were automatically filed against the correct relationship in a system that was self-organising and available to everyone in the business, on any platform.

You could use an intuitive interface (inside and outside of NetSuite) to not only find the record but actually use it to collaborate and support your work with teammates and external stakeholders like customers and vendors.

What does it do?

The Workiro - NetSuite Integration App complements the existing NetSuite SuiteApp and contains 'flows'. Flows cater for specific integration capabilities, requirements and workflows. The following flows are currently available for customers to enable in the Workiro - NetSuite Integration App.

Relationship flows

Relationship record flows automatically create new records in Workiro when relationship records are created in NetSuite including Customer, Partner & Vendors - providing you with a 'magic folder' in which you can work on, for or with others in service of the relationship.

Transaction document flows

Transaction document flows automatically store PDF copies of documents against the corresponding relationship record in Workiro when transactions including Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Invoices and more are created, edited or approved in NetSuite - keeping you organised and providing powerful but simple communication, tasks and signatures for any of your documents.

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We've only just begun

The launch of the Workiro Celigo integration for NetSuite is just the start!

We have years of integration experience ready to be put in to our Celigo app and we've already started on version 2.0 of the automation, so stay tuned...


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