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Workiro connects with the work apps you already love, allowing you to do exceptional work no matter what tech you use. Below are a handful of our customer's favourite integrations.


Built for NetSuite, the Workiro SuiteApp allows you to manage documents, communication, tasks and e-signing from your NetSuite dashboard.

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Speed up processes
Microsoft office
Send emails and documents straight to Workiro in a couple of clicks. Get things signed and create clearly allocated, trackable tasks from within your Microsoft Office apps - to increase speed and efficiency in the workplace.
Store emails and attachments fast
Microsoft Outlook
Save emails and their attachments straight from Outlook, and create actionable, trackable work with Workiro tasks. All accessible from your NetSuite dashboard when using the Workiro SuiteApp.
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Take contract management to the next level
We have partnered with CloudTamers to make your contract management experience even more streamlined, with unlimited signing capabilities straight from NetSuite.
Work, done the smart way
This integration enables NetSuite relationship and transaction records to automatically send to Workiro, so that you can work with them quickly and easily.
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Add the power of the Cloud
Virtual Cabinet
Workiro integrates seamlessly with Virtual Cabinet, to introduce secure real-time communication, flexible task management, and digital wet signatures to the document management mix. Adding the flexibility of the Cloud to the same top tier security you already know and trust.
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For more information on the integrations we offer, simply get in touch to discuss how we could help improve your working day. We're here to help!
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