Organised Flexible secure

A modern problem
documents come from everywhere
Your documents, their history, and the work associated with them are everywhere. Simply accessing the information you need, exactly when you need it, requires a lot more effort and planning than you may first think.

Taming the chaos

Workiro makes it easy to manage and access documents.

Ultimate flexibility
A better way to work with documents
More than just ‘files’, Workiro understands that documents initiate, communicate and record work. Conversations, tasks, even signatures, happen right inside Workiro.

Extend your tools & workflows

Use Workiro to add capabilities to your current tools and processes — Import or link to documents in file storage or document management apps to securely send, share and collaborate, or get them signed.

Store and manage your documents

Comprehensive and unlimited secure document storage and lifecycle management — Capture, store and work with your documents all in one place.

Vicky, Accountancy

"A really effective tool for storing and sharing documents with clients."

Document features

Unlimited Cloud Storage
Smart Classification
Approvals & E-Signatures
Real-time Messaging

Audit History
Branded Client Portal
Secure File Sharing
Document Requests
Workflow Automation

Team Access
Security & Encryption
iOS & Android Apps
PC & Mac Apps
API Integrations

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