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Cautionary Tales: Email Fails

True stories about ‘email blind spots’ (and how you can fix them in your business.)

27th March @ 2pm GMT


Jason Ross
VP of Channels and Partnerships
Jason has 15 years of expertise in software engineering and data science to optimise channels, forge collaborations, and create innovative solutions.
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Why join?

You might have very best tools to manage customer relationships, projects and processes and have NetSuite at the heart of your business. But invariably, there’s a weak link in the chain that can(and will) undermine all your good work. Email.


The perils of emails that were sent in error are well-reported. Indeed, around 30% of professionals report mis-sent mail has negatively impacted on their revenues or reputation.  However, a more pervasive and costly threat exists from vital information being hidden in emails that you can’t find or don’t even know exist.

You know what we mean. The updated deal terms, the revised delivery inventory or special new instructions from a customer. Vital details are sitting in an email, written by one of your esteemed colleagues (perhaps sales or marketing or Account Management?) but sadly you’re completely oblivious.


In this 40 minute private webinar, we will share a number of seriously stress-inducing examples of very real errors in highly regarded businesses caused by email blind spots. These cautionary tales highlight critical errors and omissions that resulted in wide-reaching problems, but could easily have been avoided.  


We’ll have an opportunity to discuss – in confidence – your own experiences and we’ll spend 15 minutes showing you a very simple, fool-proof way of mitigating these risks with a proven automated email capture tool. It comes as standard in the Workiro platform and, naturally, integrates seamlessly with NetSuite.  


Of course, you might prefer to live life dangerously and ignore this webinar but if you do join us, we’re confident you’ll be glad you didn’t miss out.


To enable attendees to have ample time to ask questions, we’re limiting the number of attendees. So please register your place as soon as you can.