Collaborate and discuss work

Instant Messaging in NetSuite

Collaborate with ease
Add the power of communication to NetSuite
Eliminate the need for email with real-time chat - safe in the knowledge that all conversations are recorded, controlled and accessible via the corresponding NetSuite records, as well as in the Workiro app. Read notifications ensure everyone has visibility of what has and hasn't been seen, whilst the pause function enables expectations to be managed.

Clarity for the whole team

Workiro understands that great work is born from great communication.

The thread
A better way to communicate
Workiro is based around threads that have clear titles, objectives, assignment, attachments, status, participants, and conversation.

A single interactive source of truth, with all the history, in one place. All accessible from within NetSuite.
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Send and request documents within NetSuite and use Workiro threads to collaborate or discuss the work in progress.

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Shared Tasks

Assign clear tasks and communicate with anyone involved from your NetSuite dashboard - get approvals and e-signatures done quickly and use Workiro threads to resolve queries fast.

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Philip, Events

"Workiro helps us track and manage our communication with clients."

Communication features

Real-time Messaging
Read Receipts
Custom Branding

Intelligent Notifications
Smart Classification
Audit History
Presence Indicators
Legal Retraction

Attachment Versions
External Use
Team Visibility
Quick Replies
Security & Encryption

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