All too much
communication tools aren't designed for work
Existing communication tools make work as hard as it can be. Systems based on posting sheets of paper arounds the world, and new-generation tools built for ‘chatting’ with many people, about lots of things…all at once. Our ability to make sense, and keep on top of all this noise takes a ridiculous amount of mental skill and effort.

Taming the chaos

Workiro understands that great work is born from great communication.

The thread
A better way to communicate
Workiro is based around threads — distinct units that have titles, objectives, assignment, attachments, status, participants, and specific conversation.

A single interactive source of truth, with all the history, in one place.
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Workiro uniquely caters for the relationship between documents and communication to provide one place to work effectively.

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Shared Tasks

In Workiro, a shared task is simply a type of communication, one place to communicate what needs to be done and to support the doing of it.

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Philip, Events

"Workiro helps us track and manage our communication with clients."

Communication features

Real-time Messaging
Read Receipts
Custom Branding

Intelligent Notifications
Smart Classification
Audit History
Presence Indicators
Legal Retraction

Attachment Versions
External Use
Team Visibility
Quick Replies
Security & Encryption

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