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Tech sprawl


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Tech Sprawl Unmasked: The Silent Killer of Efficiency

Your tech strategy is pivotal!

Integrated system or multiple apps? It's a make-or-break call for today's businesses.

NetSuite users, feeling the pressure? Dealing with massive data beyond your system can lead to chaos—information overload, productivity headaches, compliance mess.

No sweat! We've got your back.

Ready to dive into a framework that supercharges your data game, smashes silos, and simplifies the tech maze outside of NetSuite?

Join Team Workiro as we...

  • Take a deep dive into the dangers of app overload
  • Show you how to streamline your NetSuite integration strategy
  • Discuss what tech sprawling means for compliance
  • Gain professional insight from ProScope
Chris Muir
Global Sales Leader
Chris has over 25 years of tech industry expertise in go-to-market strategies, collaborating with startups to renowned global enterprises. Author of "A Winning Strategy."
Luke Kiely
Luke is a highly experienced Chief Information Security Officer with a wealth of knowledge spanning cybercrime, government protocols, value services, finance, and regulatory compliance.
Dave Owen
Dave has over 20 years’ in IT and software, with a passion for delivering innovative solutions, fostering strong relationships, and leveraging experience to drive excellence.