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Concise audit


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Audit Webinar: Eliminating Communication Barriers for Clear and Concise Audit Interactions

Audit inspections act as financial guardians, ensuring the optimal health and order of your financial landscape.

Control, visibility, and compliance? They're not just check-boxes; they're the backbone of your financial ops.

Nailing these really is a must for a smooth, powerhouse financial system.

Are you in control with full visibility and compliance, or is disruption lurking?

Join Team Workiro As We:

  • Share professional insights into auditing best practices
  • Give actionable tips to streamline your auditing process
  • Discuss how Workiro is the ultimate audit companion for NetSuite
Dave Owen
Dave has over 20 years’ in IT and software, with a passion for delivering innovative solutions, fostering strong relationships, and leveraging experience to drive excellence.
Amit Kochar
Group Financial Accountant
GetBusy PLC
Amit is an ex-'big four' auditor turned group financial accountant with direct experience of integrating efficient finance tech stacks with NetSuite for optimal performance.