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Booking meetings_

What do you need to do when setting up meetings? Save time when arranging meetings for yourself or others by setting up task templates in Workiro. Templates help you make sure meetings are organised correctly and nothing is missed. Check out these suggestions of tasks that you can copy and use for your own templates, to help you when regularly setting up meetings.

Example task templates for booking meetings_

Set up your own templates or click on any of the below to create them as tasks in Workiro:

Meetings: Availability
Check meeting attendee availability

Meetings: Venue
Arrange meeting room or online conference link

Meetings: Confirmation
Send confirmed meeting details and instructions

Meetings: Calendar
Add to calendar

Meetings: Agenda
Confirm and send agenda

Meetings: Travel
Arrange travel / parking

Meetings: Catering 1
Check dietary requirements

Meetings: Catering 2
Arrange catering

Meetings: Minutes
Post-meeting: send meeting minutes

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