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Marketing task inspiration_

Use Workiro to organise and allocate marketing tasks, and send messages to anyone and everyone involved. Not only that, you’ll know when recipients have read your messages, and when they’ll be able to act. No more chasing design for an update on when mockups will be ready or missing any important campaign deadline. Workiro helps you get things done with colleagues, contractors, clients and even customers. Some examples of tasks to add to your Workiro list:

Suggested tags for organisation_

Organise and group tasks and conversations using your own tags, for example:

  • Campaign
  • Stats
  • Web
  • OrganicSocial 
  • PaidSocial
  • PaidSearch
  • Affiliates
  • Print 
  • Design 
  • Event 
  • Content
  • Blog
  • ThoughtLeadership
  • Admin 
  • Research 
  • Trending
  • Assets 
  • Calls 
  • External 
  • Internal 
  • Agency
  • Contracts
  • ProductA