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Case management_

When you're juggling multiple cases, ensure all key steps are tracked and completed in. Plus, save admin time by setting up templates for them. Try some of these examples and simply adjust to fit your needs:

Example task templates for managing legal cases_

Set up your own templates or click on any of the below to create them as tasks in Workiro:

Case Management: Open
Open case file

Case Management: Arrange introduction
Schedule discovery meeting with client

Case Management: Client meeting
Attend discovery meeting with client

Case Management: Meeting notes
Transcribe notes from meeting

Case Management: Fact check
Fact check client statements

Case Management: Timelines
Establish case deadlines and milestones

Case Management: Research
Carry out research for case

Case Management: Contact key parties
Identify and contact any respondents or witnesses

Case Management: Evidence
Collect evidence and supporting information

Case Management: Progress update
Brief client on progress

Case Management: Draft documents
Draft legal documents, letters or articles

Case Management: Sign documents
Review and sign documents

Case Management: Submit documents
Submit documentation (to court; opposing counsel; lender)

Case Management: Summary
Prepare case summary

Case Management: Billing
Calculate and send client billing

Case Management: Update system
Update case management system

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