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New Staff Induction_

Onboarding new starters typically involved a number of highly detailed and sensitive tasks. Ensure the whole process goes smoothly by using some of our suggested task templates.

Example task templates for onboarding new staff_

Set up your own templates or click on any of the below to create them as tasks in Workiro:

Employment Offer
Draft and send offer letter and paperwork out to new starter

Employment References
Follow up employee references

Employment Contract
Sign employee contract

New Starter ID Confirmation
Take copies of identification for new starter

New Starter First Day
Schedule induction and first day for new starter

New Starter Access
Organise ID cards/keys for new starter

New Starter Equipment
Call IT to set up laptop and login for new starter

Health & Safety
Run through Health and Safety

Office Tour
Give tour of office

Arrange introductions with the team

Staff Handbook
Run through staff handbook

Update Staff System
Update HR system with new staff details

Send training videos

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