Our new name

We're excited to announce that the GetBusy App
is changing its name to...

Workiro logo

The name is the only thing that's changing.
The team, the app, and the exciting vision we have for the future,
all remain the same.

Why change?

The app was still in its infancy when we decided to let it adopt the name of our group company, GetBusy.

Now that the app has matured, and is solving important problems for happy customers, we know a lot more about how it's perceived, used, and by whom.

'GetBusy', as a group company name, reflects our mission and our culture.

The app manifests that mission (to help people be productive and happy in their work), but it's part of a portfolio of apps and services that all contribute to our story, each of which has a distinct name - helping to articulate purpose and value to the people that matter most - our customers.

What does it mean?

To us, WORKIRO means:

Relationships, tasks, communication and documents.
The why, what, who and how of our work.

Ancient greek associations with mastery, control and ownership, and a more tenuous Japanese association with ‘crossroads’ - something we believe we face in terms of how the tools we use for work need to evolve.

When will it happen?

It has already started.

Our primary objective is to help our customers. Changing our name is [mostly] a self-serving exercise, and risks being a distraction to our goals.  

So, we’ll make changes, as we have time, in a way that doesn’t detract from us doing our best work. The ‘GetBusy’ identity will be around in the app and supporting materials for a little while, but not too long...