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One-click to turn emails into task from inside Microsoft Outlook_

GetBusy adds a button directly into your Outlook app. With one click all email connections, files, attachments etc – are automatically added for you. Simply define a task goal, who is responsible, and send!

Turn email chaos into task clarity_

After sending an email you have no idea what happens next. There is no defined accountability, no guarantee of delivery, and no defined goals for participants to work towards. This makes email inherently chaotic.

Everyone knows who is responsible for a GetBusy task. The task goal is always clearly defined. The task owner is automatically chased until they get the job done – with timely status updates automatically sent to all the other participants. There is never any question over the who, what, or when of any piece of work. 

When you want something done, you should send it as a GetBusy task, not via email.

Everything in one place_

GetBusy shifts the conversion from multiple email chains on multiple threads on multiple computers into one clear task. This significantly improves your organisation and security.

Send GetBusy tasks to anyone_

You can even send GetBusy tasks to non-GetBusy users. They won't need to download or sign up to GetBusy to be able to see the task and respond. Best of all you get to see read receipts, status updates, and have your task automatically chased up for you so you don't forget or ever have to nag again. Nothing falls through the cracks when you sent it via GetBusy instead of as an email.

Stop putting your business at risk_

Sending a confidential document on an email can be risky. What if you send your email to the wrong person? That's a data breach and can have serious consequences. GetBusy encrypts your communication end-to-end, keeps all files and communication on one secure thread, and allows for powerful security controls such being able to remove access to files and content to employees who leave the business, or if a file is sent to the wrong person.

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