A finance team story


Taking control to the next level
A next-generation app built for netsuite.
Workiro is the future of work, today. Tasks, communication, documents and e-signatures, all in one place and integrated with NetSuite. Helping you get any work done, with anyone, in a better way.

Discover how our own finance team uses Workiro to maintain robust processes and provide the strongest possible control environment - all whilst providing great flexibility and visibility.

Strengthening your control environment

“Using Workiro alongside NetSuite allows you to work efficiently with your team, remotely or in the office.”
Director of Finance & Operations
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The challenge

Libby is responsible for an entire finance function within a £15m multi-national business, spanning 3 countries and 4 currencies. This level of responsibility brings along a whole stack of work to keep on top of.

Enter Workiro
A next-generation app that uniquely combines task, communication and document management capabilities, including e-signature. Workiro eradicates all uncertainty at work, makes your life easier, and allows you to get on with your job better than ever before.


Workiro allows the team to securely share, store and sort documents against tasks, people and tags. No more hunting down missing work or worrying when it comes to audits.


Workiro erases the struggles of cross functional collaboration. The team replaced any uncertainty with even better communication together across the business.


Workiro mitigates the pain of tracking team tasks both in and out of the office. It provides visibility of tasks within the team and who is responsible for what, and why.

“Workiro naturally and intuitively makes the ‘why’ behind actions easy to see. Where this relates to customer or transaction records it’s automatically there against the record where you need to see it, and you can discuss and add to the conversation right there in NetSuite, in real time.”

Director of Finance & Operations

One place

Workiro provides a unique combination of features that help build exceptional relationships through incredible work.

“I’ve never worked somewhere where the systems work so well. The way we use NetSuite and Workiro together just enables me to get on and do my job.”

Credit Controller

More features

Unlimited Cloud Storage
Smart Classification
Approvals & E-Signatures
Real-time Messaging

Audit Trail
Branded Client Portal
Secure File Sharing
Document Requests
Workflow Automation

Team Access
Security & Encryption
iOS & Android Apps
PC & Mac Apps
API Integrations

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