Stop Losing Control of critical NetSuite documents

Without extra fusion, NetSuite files go missing, fall into the wrong hands, or hold up key business processes.

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Workiro in NetSuite

Untangle the filing web

Extra clarity

Eliminate the need for multiple apps to delegate, communicate and manage documents with your team from inside NetSuite.

No chaos

Review and discuss NetSuite documents through clearly assigned tasks, removing uncertainty and frustration with team projects.

Clear picture

Gain full visibility of every document inside NetSuite to quickly access key information and dialogue.

Central document repository

Add unified document management to stay inside NetSuite all-day.

Secure, trackable tasks

Sync unlimited tasks alongside NetSuite documents to prevent anything falling through the net.

Real-time chat

Get instant clarity over NetSuite documents with internal team members or external vendors, partners, and customers.

Custom, Integrated e-signatures

Unlimited digital signing for all NetSuite documents at no extra cost.

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It allows us to pull data from anywhere, tie it together, make staff accountable, and feeds that data back to the customers.

Richard Totman, Director, Fenetti Outdoor Living

Workiro is so easy to use and took no time at all to implement. It reduces the time spent on admin, lets me get on with important work and provides clarity. I’m able to communicate with teammates and people outside of the business easily and never have to worry about chasing anyone - Workiro does that for me.

Adam Elliott, Head of Resourcing, Socitm Advisory